Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our Lady of the Screaming Meemies, Part 1

Day 60 of Double Bigamy (All the Way)…

Way out-out past the edges of town, out in the Interzone, out past the blinking lights and the model communities full of their zombie commuters… Out where not even the fascist big city’s councils can lay their finger on ya and a man retains his God-given right to own oh, I dunno, let’s say a Siberian tiger if and when he wants to own, say, a Siberian tiger… Way out there’s where Dana and I – the both of us – we bought ourselves a little place a few years back.

Not to live in, of course – oh, God no! That’s not our scene, man, and we don’t wanna wind up tied to a flaming stake with a buncha inbred cousins with pitchforks recitin’ Leviticus as our blackened flesh crackles in the noonday sun.

Not again…

But the thing about this place we bought is that it used to be a small town bank, back before all the small town people packed up their small town money and went somewhere else with their town and what used to be the bank got sold to two big city lesbians for their weekend getaway place.

But still, in this weekend getaway place there’s a room we rather unimaginatively call The Vault, because it used to be the bank vault back when our weekend getaway place was still a small town bank.