Friday, November 28, 2014

Why Mia McKenzie Tried to Have Me Lynched

It was Monday night and as I sat down to check my twitter feed, I discovered that everyone in the world had suddenly gone apeshit.

I do mean everyone: Black people, white people, pink people, green people, people of all the many shades of brown, as well as liberals, conservatives, the young, the old. You name it.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Whole Katy

You. You stole away my breath. Robbed me.

Little by little, scooch by scooch, you brought in the walls ‘til they’re so close I can hardly even breathe anymore and I can hardly even move anymore. I cannot maneuver these hallways and I bump my head on the doorframe when I go to try and leave.  

At night, I wake up and lying there in the dark, I can feel the ceiling just inches above my face. It’s way too close and there’s not enough air and it’s all closing in on me.

You shrank the van to where it looks like a toy. Kids on skateboards tower over me. Dogs tailgate me. Grandmas laugh at me.

At work now, my office is like a cardboard box and it’s all closing in on me.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

I Am the Daddy

(A Play in One Act)
Curtain opens, revealing the interior of House of Pies restaurant. KATY and SCOTT THE LAWYER sit in a booth, on opposite sides of the table. On the table lie empty coffee cups, wadded napkins, various eating utensils, half-eaten foodstuffs, empty cigarette packs, pencils, pens, iPads, and piles of papers related to KATY’S child custody case.

ADRI paces back and forth past the booth. SCOTT THE LAWYER bangs his head against the table.